• Just 107 miles to San Francisco and 140 miles to San Jose, Folsom is a clean, comfortable and family-oriented community with reasonably priced homes, an average family size of 3.13, median age of 38 and median household income over $100,000. Surrounded by lakes, rivers, and trails, Folsom is a recreational wonderland that is just 74 miles to ski resorts and 84 miles to Lake Tahoe. California is the world’s 8th largest economy and its state capital is just 24 easy miles from Folsom Ranch.
  • Top businesses and retailers are finding success in the community that is nearly completely built out and are looking across the freeway to Folsom Ranch, an extension of what has made Folsom great, filled with natural beauty and opportunity.

Folsom’s plan area is a showcase for “smart growth” – a design strategy that balances development with the optimal mix of housing, transportation, shopping and recreation.

To that, add one more: jobs.

New jobs close to home
“In any economy,” said Joe Gagliardi, president and CEO of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and its affiliate Folsom Economic Development Corporation, “jobs come first. Then people move here, then retail benefits. It’s all interconnected.”

The area’s planned retail and commercial centers will generate nearly 8,000 new jobs at buildout. This means, as construction proceeds, many residents throughout Folsom will be able to trade their wearying commutes for nearby employment – freeing up hours to enjoy family, friends and the region’s amenities.

“They’ll be getting the gift of time,” said Gagliardi.

A plan to attract quality companies to Folsom
The exact blend of businesses that will locate at Folsom Ranch hasn’t been determined – which is an asset, said Gagliardi. The developers had the foresight to designate – and the city approved – flexible zoning for most of the commercial space. With that, the community can recruit a variety of businesses, from expansive corporate campuses to small offices and shops – whatever fits, without the hindrance of restrictive zoning.

The big push to begin attracting businesses to the area will begin when FEDCorp kicks off Choose Folsom, a campaign funded by private investors with a stake in keeping Folsom vibrant. The effort’s sole purpose is to attract commerce to the city – the entire city, not just the new area. “We are really going to be aggressive in growing our jobs base, especially well-paying jobs for young families,” Gagliardi said.

The reality, though, is that very little available space remains in the current city. The plan area, however, offers an exciting opportunity to develop from the ground up new employment options geared to match the needs of the area’s diversified population.

A high-tech focus
A major recruitment focus will be the high-tech industry. The costs of living in the Bay Area – the West Coast’s current technology hub – are becoming prohibitive, driving companies to seek less costly but attractive options for relocating or expanding. Many are choosing the Sacramento area: It’s still Northern California but at a fraction of the cost. The influx has made this region the third fastest-growing tech-job market in the country. Folsom, as a charming, distinctive and recreation-rich city, is one of the most sought-after destinations.

Retail centers, serving routine needs with grocery stores, restaurants, medical services, theaters and the like, will be easily accessible to every neighborhood. Major shopping malls, however, will likely not be found here. With more and more people preferring to buy online, the planners reconfigured some of the original commercial land to residential, conforming to the changing habits of consumers and filling a more critical need. For people who do want brick-and-mortar shopping, the existing city offers nearly every popular destination, including warehouse stores, specialty malls and boutiques.